Everybody Loves Pudding

--- Ken Seymour and Richard Geiger ---

Join us as we delve into our favorite sections of pop culture. We will discuss our favorite musicians and talk about how their music affected us! We will review movies with a very scientific looking, but completely arbitrary rating system! We will compose lists of what we think are the best of the best or the worst of the worst! We will tromp down pop culture’s well trodden paths to bring to light nuggets of moderately interesting information! Whenever possible we will interview people that just seem interesting to us! For your consideration we will lay out a veritable cornucopia of relaxing conversation. We hope you will stay and become part of our group of friends, dare I say it, our . . . Pudding Pack. If I hadn’t mentioned it yet, there might be a dollop of puns and dad jokes as well.
Brought to you by Ken Seymour and Richard Geiger of Everybody Loves Pudding

Latest Episodes…

  1. Season 3: Episode 17

    In the past, we've shown a lot of love to live-action adaptations of our comic favorites. This episode, Richard focuses on some of the animated offerings from Marvel and DC. He also discusses some of the next generation gaming consoles that will be dropping soon! Intro music composed by Ken, Outro ...


  2. Season 3: Episode 16

    Richard quarterbacks this episode, which is fitting because it's all about the upcoming NFL season! He gives us his thoughts and assessments crucial for any Fantasy Football enthusiast to excel in the coming season. Intro music composed by Ken, Outro music by Richard. ...


  3. Season 3: Episode 15

    The History of Comic Book Movies series continues! The Pudding Guys have made it to the year 2009. It only took a little Push, but you know they like to Watchmen until their screens Whiteout. Something, something, Wolverine. Intro music composed by Ken, Outro music by Richard. ...


  4. Season 3: Episode 14

    Ken and Richard reminisce about one of the premier action stars of the late '90's and 2000's: Wesley Snipes. Each lays out what they consider to be his Top 5 productions.  Intro music composed by Ken, Outro music by Richard. ...


  5. Season 3: Episode 13

    The Pudding Guys and guest host Delvin Cox (The Delvin Cox Experience) discuss and reminisce about their favorite wrestling finishing moves over the years. Take a listen, 'cause Stone Cold said so! (Okay, maybe not, but listen anyway!) Intro music composed by Ken, Outro music by Richard. ...